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The threaded nylon aerated concrete anchor is especially designed for aerated concrete like aircrete, as well as gypsum block and other light building materials͍The removeable nylon construction is corrosion-proof and is able to withstand extreme temperatures͍The spiral thread cuts into the base material and ensures a tension-free fasten which means that there is no spalling in gypsum, giving a perfect finish͍The anchor can take both metric and wood screws which can be removed if required

In aggiunta caratteristiche

  • Simple and quick to install with HEX and Allen keys
  • Flexible screw choice - suitable for both wood and metric screws
  • Approved for use in Thermalite™, Celcon™, Thomas Armstrong® and Lignacite™ blocks (UK only)


  • Pictures
  • Shelves
  • Letter boxes
  • Motion sensors
  • Lighting
  • Mirror cabinets
  • Signs
  • Cable and pipe clamps



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