Disco diamantato Extreme 125 x 22.23 x 1.3mm

Disco diamantato Extreme 125 x 22.23 x 1.3mm

  • 1000+ cuts : Extreme Diamond Edge is made with metal cutting diamonds bonded to the wheel's surface using a proprietary technology
  • Increased safety : Extreme Diamond Edge is made from solid steel that greatly reduces the risk of breakage
  • No shelf life : Unlike bonded abrasives, Extreme Diamond Edge will not expire, as long as it is stored in proper conditions
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The EXTREME METAL cut-off discs feature diamond technology for extreme durability and maximum work efficiency. They deliver 1,000+ cuts which is 30 times longer than thin bonded cut-off wheels.

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  • Diameter retention : Because its' diamond cutting edge doesn't wear away, Extreme Diamond Edge holds its' original wheel diameter until the very last cut
  • Less dust, better workspace : Because Extreme Diamond Edge doesn't wear out there is substantial reduction of airborne particles
  • One wheel - multiple metals : Extreme Diamond Edge works in a wide range of materials including steel, stainless steel, cast iron, rebar, sheet metal, aluminium and non-ferrous metals


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1.3 mm



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